Throughout Jack Reilly's artistic career, he has continued his involvement with academic institutions. From his early days as a graduate student, Reilly integrated teaching with his development as an artist. He believes teaching to be an important aspect of his love of art and personal interactions with others who share his enthusiasm for life-long learning.
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. 1977-1978. From his early days as a graduate student at Florida State University, where Reilly received his MFA, he was awarded a full teaching assistantship with the FSU Art Department, which consisted of teaching a full load of (3) courses each quarter for the duration of his studies there. Upon receiving his MFA, he was offered a position as Adjunct Instructor. He taught for one academic quarter and then left the position to move to Los Angeles and begin his professional career as an exhibiting artist.
Arizona Western College, Yuma, AZ, 1979-1981. Within a year after moving to Los Angeles, Reilly was offered a position as Visiting Professor of Painting and Artist in Residence at Arizona Western College. During that period, he was extremely prolific, creating approximately fifty full-scale paintings a year in order to meet the demand for his work from galleries in L. A., New York, San Francisco, and Scottsdale, AZ. For two years, Reilly commuted weekly from Los Angeles to Arizona, taught his classes there, and returned back to his studio in L.A. to spend the remaining days of the week working on new paintings. Throughout this period he maintained studios in both Los Angeles and Yuma, Arizona.
Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, 1984-1986. After taking a few years off from teaching, Reilly returned to the college studio to teach classes in airbrush techniques at Otis, a historical and prestigious private art college in Los Angeles. He was subsequently invited to teach in the Otis Art Foundation Program where he taught courses in Drawing & Composition, and Color Theory & Design.
California State University Northridge, CA, 1987-2001. Reilly joined the faculty of CSUN as Assistant Professor in the fall of 1987. Over the years he worked his way up through the Art Department to the rank of tenured Full Professor. While at CSUN, he was a co-author of the MFA degree and ultimately he developed the Video/Digital Art concentration that he headed for a number of years. Throughout this period he maintained his professional activities as a painter, as well as exploring aspects of video art and exhibiting his work internationally.
Official seal of California State University Channel Islands designed by Jack Reilly
California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA, 2001-2015. As part of the California State University System, CSUCI opened its doors as the twenty-third CSU campus in 2002. Among a total of thirteen professors of various disciplines that were hired to develop this campus and its diverse majors, Reilly was offered the position of tenured Professor of Art and Art Department Chair, with the charge to develop the University's Art Major, its curriculum, art studios and digital art labs. Reilly authored the Art section of the University's catalog, developing both traditional and innovative art courses for the Bachelor of Art Degree in Art. In addition he designed the final version of the University Seal. From 2001-2013 Reilly served as Art Department Chair, ultimately hiring and overseeing twenty art faculty members. Under Reilly's leadership the CSUCI Art Department grew from a handful of art students into a successful program consisting of three-hundred declared art majors. In 2016 he was awarded the title of Professor Emeritis.
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