The “Basic Object ” series highlights Jack Reilly’s continued investigation into ambiguity of pictorial space and illusion in abstract painting. Two-dimensional surfaces take on visual characteristics of three-dimensional objects as thousands of brushstrokes are compressed into linear perspective formats on flat shaped canvas structures. Reilly's sensual color palette and signature brushwork, consisting of acrylic polymers and metallic pigments, have been compared to the complexity of Byzantine mosaics and the luminosity of Gothic stained glass.

The viscosity of Reilly's paint mixture/concoction results in fluid, wet-looking and reflective surfaces. These densely-polychromed paintings are an evolution of Reilly's earlier shaped-canvas illusionistic work, incorporating a cross-pollination of painting and sculpture. They differ from his earlier illusionsitic paintings by actually appearing to be thick, three-dimensional objects, as opposed to flat, layerd planes contrasted against hovering lines and shapes. This work reappraises and comments on evolving issues that originated in twentieth-century abstract painting and continue into today's contemporary genres
Jack Reilly Shaped Canvas - Basic Object
Pictured above: "Basic Object" 42x60 inches, Acrylic on Shaped Canvas

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