Although Jack Reilly is best known for his abstract paintings, he also works across the boundaries of abstraction, representational, and mixed-media painting with his complex shaped canvases that integrate figurative imagery with abstraction. These multi-faceted pieces address numerous issues combining modernism and classicism with historical and social narrative. Recognized by art critics as "quintessentially postmodern," Reilly explores this combination with his unique approach to addressing conceptual and visual aspects of contemporary painting.
Mixed-Genre Painting: Major Periods
=Jack Reilly Love and Myth Series Lysander and Hermina Jack Reilly Convergence Series Shaped Canvas
Love and Myth Series (2017-2018) Figurative and abstract imagery coexist within a shared visual context. Self-consciously sentimental, a tribute to nineteenth-century academic painting, based on mythologies of beauty and love in numerous manifestations. Convergence Series: (2002-2006) Eclectic mix of abstraction, figurative painting consisting of a combination of classical, historical and popular imagery. Media includes, oil, acrylic, textured gilded surfaces, and mosaics on single layer shaped canvas.

Jack Reilly Art - Painting Classic Series - Shaped Canvas

Jack Reilly Painting - Endangered Landscape series. Shaped Canvas
Classic Series: (1986-1990) Classical subject matter is combined with geometric shaped-canvas structures. These works incorporated a range of media including oil, acrylic, carved wood and gold leaf. Endangered Landscape Series: (1991-1992) Idyllic landscapes are a painted on a single layer shaped canvas.Outlying surfaces reveal three-dimensional images cast from objects found at the actual scene of the painting.

Jack Reilly in the studio - Los Angeles, CA (portrait excerpt by Donna Granata)

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