Shaped Canvas - Abstract Paintings
Jack Reilly - Circles of Time, 2016
"Circles of Time" 42x45 inches, Acrylic on Shaped Canvas, ©2016
Jack Reilly's abstract paintings continue to grow in complexity as his shaped-canvas structures take on radical geometric configurations and the color bands have evolved into gestural and amorphic configurations. In these works, Reilly further challenged traditional ideas of illusionary and pictorial space, executed within an abstract painting context. This distance and innovative style of painting has led to the inclusion of Reilly's paintings in numerous corporate and private collections as well as major public art commissions.
 Jack Reilly Shaped Canvas Abstract illusionism  jack Reilly Shaped Canvas Abstract Illusionism  jack Reilly Shaped Canvas Abstract Illusionism  Jack Reilly Shaped Canvas Abstract Illusionism Jack Reilly Shaped canvas Abstract Illusionism Jack Reilly Shaped Canvas Abstract illusionis
Late 1980s
This period saw the beginnings of Reilly breaking away from symmetrical, more rigid compositions and also developing early stages of his signature style of brushwork. Within the gestural color bands, the paint is applied in a rapid, intuitive manner. As a result of this expressive color being restricted to a defined portion of the canvass, visual compression and a clear tension is created within these lines. Ultimately a active sense of movement results as the colored areas fight against the geometric background shapes in a never ending battle for dominance.
In the early to mid 1980s, Jack Reilly's paintings departed from his minimalist formal compositions, which were painted on traditional rectilinear canvases, towards increasingly complex shaped canvas designs. Simultaneously, the color bands evolved into more gestural configurations as Reilly further explored illusionary and pictorial space in abstract painting. Although these paintings are completely flat, the richly-painted linear imagery appears to be suspended in space over the blank surfaces of layered geometric shapes.
Early 1980s

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