Jack Reilly emerged on the Los Angeles art scene in 1978 with his geometric abstract paintings. His early work, featured in a 1979 solo exhibition at the Molly Barnes Gallery, addressed issues of the era, focusing on aspects of structure, color and ambiguous pictorial space. By 1980 Reilly's illusionistic shaped-canvas paintings were exhibited in museums and represented by galleries throughout the United States in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Scottsdale among numerous other cities. Articles and reviews on Reilly's paintings are subsequently published in Arts Magazine, Artweek, the Los Angeles Times and numerous periodicals and books, including "American Art Now" by noted art historian Edward Lucie-Smith. During the 1990s Reilly received major commissions for large-scale, public and corporate artworks, with projects created for the County of San Diego Public Arts Program and American Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport. During recent years, Reilly unveiled his "New Abstraction" series of lushly painted shaped canvases, Followed by his illusionistic "Basic Object" series. In 2016, the California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks presented a retrospective exhibition of Reilly's work. To date, he remains an extremely prolific painter and a leader in shaped-canvas and abstract illusionistic painting. Pictured below is a series of chronological images dating from the 1970s to the present.
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jack Reilly 1978 jack Reilly 1979 jack Reilly 1979 Jack Reilly and AAron Berman 1981 Jack Reilly 1982 jack Reilly and Fritz Sholder 1982 jack Reilly 1983 jack Reilly 1983 Jack Reilly 1984 Jack Reilly 1986'
Jack Reilly 1988 Jack Reilly painting 1989 Jack Reilly 1990 Jack Reilly 1991 Jack Reilly 1991 Jack Reilly in studio 1992 Jack Reilly in Prague 1993 Jack Reilly 1994 Jack Reilly at van Gogh's grave 1996 Jack Reilly 2001
Jack Reilly wirh shaped canvas 2003 Jack Reilly 2004 Jack Reilly 2005 Jack Reilly with canvas 208 Jack Reilly Paint in Hand Jack Reilly and LeRoy Neiman 2009 Jack Reilly 2010 Jack Reilly 2012 Jack Reilly in Studio 2014 Jack Reilly 2016
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